You have a computer / iPad, and would love to expand on your...

This is the word 'knowledge' surrounded by lots of cute little visuals.

Night School
One to One Personal Tuition

Too many students per teacher.

“I wish he'd hurry up with her, I need help too you know!”

Their topics, not yours.

“Today class, we’ll be doing…”

Lessons not at a convenient time & location to you.

“See you all back here at 8pm next Tuesday!”

Anyone got any questions?

“I can't ask, everyone will think I'm stupid!”

The classroom computer!

"This is no good, my computer at home is completely different!"

There are two ladies sat at computers in a classroom with a visual representing what they are thinking above their heads. One is thinking the night for the next lesson doesn't suit her schedule and the other is thinking that their personal computer isn't the same as the one they are operating.
This image is two human shaped figures complementing Personal Computer Training.

One to one

Ask anything without feeling embarrassed.

Your place

I come to you, at a day and time convenient to you.

Your computer

Nothing worse than learning on one device, and then coming home to a different lay out.

Photo Books

I can help you create fabulous photo books.


When you need a new computer or device, I can help!


I'm incredibly patient, just what's needed when learning computer topics.

Your pace

It's rare for me to even touch your computer. I'll demonstrate where necessary for sure, but you won't learn from me taking over.

Always happy to help

Nothings too much trouble, just ask.

Address labels

Christmas card labels, designed and printed.

Slide scanning

Have you got a collection of 35mm slides? I offer a scanning service with a keen attention to detail. From 1 slide to thousands.

I will build your confidence and make you more efficient

Staff training

Letter writing

Document filing


Powerpoint presentations

A busy looking man with a thought bubble above his head that reads 'I don't have time to train my new starter...' then lists many comptuer specific tasks

My operating areas and fees…

A map showing that zone A is within 5 miles of LS19 6HX, and zone B is 5 to 15 miles of LS19 6HX.

Zone A - within 5 miles of LS19 6HX

£30 for one hour, £45 for two consecutive hours.

Zone B - 5 to 15 miles of LS19 6HX

£50 for two hours.